We Welcome You to Popwell & Stalnaker Chiropractic Center

Thank you for visiting Popwell & Stalnaker Chiropractic Center in
Jacksonville, FL. Your Jacksonville chiropractors have over 30 years of
combined experience in the Jacksonville area. Here are some of the most
common cases we see:

  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain

Other conditions that have responded well to our care are sciatica, arm
pain, leg pain, muscle pain,
and more. While chiropractic care is amazing
for naturally eliminating pain, we do much more than that. Here's what to
when you visit our Jacksonville chiropractic office at Popwell &
Stalnaker Chiropractic Center.

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Helpful Health Tips

Chiropractic Schooling

Posted on 2014-11-06 10:06:32

The assertion that chiropractors are just glorified massage therapists or that they are vastly inferior in their training to that of an M.D. is just that:...

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Why should I go to a Chiropractor?

Posted on 2014-11-05 16:20:54

Let me tell you a story. I was travelling on the excuse for a public transportation system dubbed MARTA through the dank depths of the thrown together...

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Chiropractic in the NFL

Posted on 2014-11-05 09:11:10

“The robust need for chiropractic care in the NFL has been deeply driven by the players’ desire for peak physical conditioning and not simply for injuries,”...

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Relieve Flu Symptoms Naturally

Posted on 2014-10-08 15:59:11

Try this recipe to help overcome the flu naturally: INGREDIENTS: 5 cups water 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar (with mother) 1/4 cup fresh chopped...

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Pay Now or Pay Later

Posted on 2014-09-03 09:26:00

Here are the facts: We get that our kids need several thousand dollars worth of braces and orthodontic work. We get that our vehicles need regular maintenance...

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Now or Later?

Posted on 2014-03-18 10:37:35

When is the best time to start taking care of your health? Now or Later? The question seems easy… NOW! The problem is, most of us don't take care of...

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Flu: Vaccination or Vitamin D?

Posted on 2013-12-23 09:42:07

Our "Flu Season" has certain characteristics that explain why our bodies are more susceptible to viral infection during these months. The greatest characteristics...

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Poor Posture and Arthritis

Posted on 2013-12-04 09:42:56

Your doctor tells you, "Your pain in the neck and shoulders is related to arthritis, this is just normal for your age. Take these pain killers and muscle...

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Are You Tired of Being Tired!

Posted on 2013-09-04 10:02:08

Men AND women, boost your metabolism to get more energy and burn fat more efficiently.   Testosterone declines as we age. It is critical,...

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3 Key Changes

Posted on 2013-07-24 09:51:09

Learning to eat healthy can seem like an unattainable endeavor, and with all honesty it is HARD. It is not, however, impossible. It is important to understand...

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